Oil and Gas

Sawan Gas Field Development


Sawan Gas Field Development

Location : 
Khairpur– Sindh  
Client  : 
Clough Engineering Limited (Australia)
Value  : 
290 million Rupees
Period  : 
10 months

ACL mobilized on site in March 2002 and completion of work scope is scheduled for January 2003.

Scope of work included the following :

  • Construction of Airstrip suitable for Fokker F–27 Aircraft
  • Site development of Permanent Camp and Central Processing Plant(CPP) area including :

Construction of earthen embankments

Site Roads

  • Complete civil works for the Central Processing Plant (Phase–1 and 2)

  • Supply of Batch plant mixed concrete for the whole works.

Major items of work executed under the contract are :

  • Bulk Earthworks : 400,000m3
  • Subbase and Base Course : 22,000m3
  • Asphalt Concrete : 7,500 tons
  • Reinforced Concrete : 20,000m3
  • Precast Concrete : 1,700 tons
  • Embedded Steel : 250 tons
  • Reinforceing Steel : 750 tons


Zamzama EWT Facilities



Zamzama EWT Facilities


Location : 
Dadu – Sindh  
Client  : 
BHP Petroleum (Pakistan) Pty Ltd.
Consultant : 
Hatch Associates (Australia)
Value  : 
100 million Rupees
Period  : 
10 months

ACL was awarded the job by M/s. BHPP after a competitive bidding process involving leading Pakistani construction companies. Physical work started on 1st July 2000 and was completed on 30th April, 2001.

Zamzama Gas Field
Despite lack of basic facilities near the project site and extremely harsh climatic conditions (daytime temperature 45-50 ºC) ACL achieved its project objectives not only in terms of Progress Milestones but also in terms of its HSE record.

ACL scope of work includes the following :

  • Bulk earthfill for Plant Site (50,000 m3)
  • Bulk earthfill for 3.5 km Access Road (40,000 m3)
  • Paving and sub-base for plant site and Access Road
  • Security Fencing
  • Construction of concrete foundations, sleepers, pits etc.
  • Design and construction of concrete Fire Water and Potable Water Tanks
  • Supply / Installation of C.S. Pipe for Oily Water System
  • Supply / Installation of Polyethylene based Fire and Potable Water Systems including:






Showers etc.

  • Supply / Installation of reinforced concrete storm water drainage system
  • Construction of 15,000 m2 Evaporation Pond including installation of field drains and Geotextile Liner
  • Construction of 22,000 sqft of builtup facilities for: