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Airstrip Construction at Sawan Gas Field Development Project

  • Runway Length:
    1,665m (5,463 feet)
  • Runway Paved Width:
    30m (98 feet)
  • Shoulders:
    60m (197 feet) each
  • Clearways:
    60m (197 feet) either side
  • Taxiway:
    Length 113m (370 feet),
    Width 15m (50 feet)
  • Apron:
    Length 29m (95 feet),
    Width 64m (210 feet)
  • Parking:
    1500m2 (16,140 Sft.)

Construction of Airstrip, Earthwork activities, sub-grade preparation, scarification aggregate base course and asphalt base course and wearing course, pipe culvert, pipe rack installation and miscellaneous work of Gas Plant.

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